Your home is safe and comfortable while you are on vacation with night vision cameras! Very simple to install, Anker Eufy Security 360 Degree Rotation Infrared Night Vision IP Camera takes care of everything for you. How Does? The camera can rotate 360 ​​degrees, you can control the entire area. The resolution of the night vision camera is quite high, it is possible to watch the images easily. You can take images of the moment of movement with the artificial intelligence that follows the movement. If your pet is at home during your vacation, you don't have to worry about it; You can track your every move. With Anker Eufy Security 360 Degree Rotation Infrared Night Vision IP Camera that makes your life easier, you will have peace of mind wherever you are.

The Place of Anker Night Vision Cameras for Security in Our Lives

Night vision security cameras have a technology that can be used comfortably even in low-light and completely dark environments with great image quality. With the night vision security camera that allows you to protect your living spaces from all kinds of dangers, you can take clear images and record at any time of the day. You can keep your recording on your computer or in the cloud storage options.

To prevent all kinds of dangerous situations, the price line night vision camera is an effective actor against all kinds of crimes. You can take advantage of a reliable outdoor security camera to monitor and record your surroundings, and take the necessary precautions against possible dangers. Providing a functional use, the night vision outdoor security camera records the event very clearly in case of theft. Images recorded on a night vision camera are very important for catching the criminal and preventing future crimes. Thanks to the camera with high resolution image quality, you can easily document the situation and verify your insurance claim

Why Choose Anker Night Vision Security Camera?

  • Anker night vision camera, which is ideal for protecting your living spaces, offers a functional use that allows you to get a clear image even in the dark with its IR illuminator feature. It makes it easy for you to watch any situation in 2K HD resolution quality. You can watch images in 1080P quality when using HomeKit. In this way, you can see exactly what is happening inside your home, and you can master the details. In addition, since it has night vision, you can have the opportunity to see the environment clearly at any time of the day, regardless of the time zone.
  • The night vision camera, which has the ability to focus on anything that is moving, does not record still environments. With built-in artificial intelligence, it determines whether the object is a human or pet and only records when a significant event occurs. In this way, you can have the opportunity to see only the important moments by not following the unnecessary moments.
  • Connect your night vision camera to Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to see what your pet is doing at home while you're on vacation or on a long trip. With these applications that will keep you in constant contact with your home, you can also have the chance to control the camera.
  • The night vision camera, which is very easy to install, also allows you to monitor your outdoor space. The night vision camera, which has been carefully developed by Anker to provide a high level of security, is also very durable for external environmental conditions. This security camera, which allows you to see in detail everything you need to focus on with its zoom feature, stands out with its new generation technology.
  • When the artificial intelligence of the night vision camera detects motion in the environment, it automatically starts tracking the moving object. With the tracking feature, you can rotate the lens 360° horizontally or tilt the lens 96° vertically to see the entire room clearly.
  • With the built-in two-way audio of the Anker night vision camera, you can have the opportunity to talk to everyone around in real time. In this way, you can stay in touch with your home at any time without interruption.

How would you like to make your living spaces safer now with Anker's practical, safe and useful 360 degree rotating infrared night vision IP camera? If you want to protect the place you live in, you can review Anker's Eufy Security 360 Degree Night Vision Camera model and buy it with Anker assurance.