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Tools used to charge the battery power of devices are called chargers. There are many models suitable for every usage area and need. Thanks to these products, electronic devices can be used uninterruptedly throughout the day. Frequent use of devices requires more charging. There are also fast chargers to meet this need faster. Anker uses advanced technology in the production of chargers. It has a wide range of products suitable for all device models and brands. By choosing the product most compatible with existing devices from this product range, the usage time of both the device and the charger can be extended. You can easily find the product you are looking for, from multi-charger to in-car charger.

Anker Chargers That Make Your Life Easier

There are Anker charger models with many different features depending on the usage area. Chargers, which are large in volume and uniform in size, have become quite diversified with technological developments. With these products, users get more practical charging usage. Charging sets produced by Anker generally consist of two parts. The first is the adapter that connects to a power such as electricity from which the energy will be obtained. It is used for almost all electrical devices. The adapter is the part that converts alternating currents into direct current of a small value suitable for the device. It generally operates between 3-12 volts. The other part is the cable. It transmits the appropriate current converted by the adapter to the device to be charged. Thus, charging is done.

Anker charger is frequently used in daily life, especially to charge smartphones and laptops. The charging adapter is one of the most used chargers. This product, also known as a power adapter, is connected to the devices to be connected via a cable. Thanks to its small size, it can be easily carried. The car charger is one of the most preferred chargers of the Anker brand. Using the vehicle's electricity; It is used to charge devices such as phones, computers, tablets and power banks. These chargers provide great convenience for people who use cars and electronic devices frequently. For those who want to charge multiple products from the same power source, Anker also has a multi-charger. These devices have two or more output ports. It transfers the power it receives evenly and uninterruptedly. It has a compact structure. Wireless chargers are a product whose use is increasing today. It is mainly used for smartphones.

Anker Fast Charger Models That Keep Up with the Flow of Life

Anker adapters convert the electrical power required for the device into charging. It is compatible with many different brands and models of computers, tablets and phone devices. It is produced to work perfectly with all these devices. It has special magnetic components to improve heat dissipation. Since it can fit many products, it can be charged anywhere with a single adapter. In this way, cable complexity is avoided. It provides convenience to users especially during travels. Anker also has a variety of adapters that enable fast charging. Since it can charge much faster than normal, device use will not be interrupted. It offers uninterrupted use. Anker uses the Multiprotect safety system in its multi-charge product. Thanks to this system, all devices are charged without any damage. It is compatible with all computer, tablet or phone devices with USB and USB-C input. In-car chargers generally have 2 inputs. Thanks to its easy use, it does not require any assembly process. The wireless charging product establishes better contact with the phone thanks to its magnetic feature. Cable, 10.It is produced from materials that are resistant to bending nearly 000. Anker wireless charger can also be used comfortably wired with advanced USB-C technology. Thanks to the induction unit, there is no need to connect the device to be charged with a cable. Simply connecting wireless charging to an outlet is sufficient. Charging begins as soon as the device is placed in the unit. It saves time thanks to its easy use.

Anker Chargers Suitable for Every Use and Every Device  

Anker has a wide range of chargers to suit every user's needs. For those who drive frequently, there are car chargers that plug into the cigarette lighter compartment of the car. In addition to a product with 2 USB ports, it also includes a car charger with 1 15W USB-A and 1 18W USB-C port. The power adapter is universally compatible with both Apple and other phones. The 65W multi-charger also transfers the power it receives from the outlet equally to every connected device. With a cable length of 5 ft (152.4 cm), Anker wireless charging provides freedom to its users. Provides 7.5W power for iPhone 12 series. If 18W or more power is desired, the desired power can be obtained with a different USB-C cable. 7It takes up little space with its 2 mm thickness. It fits into the room with its stylish and modern design. Charger prices; It varies depending on features such as the model of the product, the technology used, the material, and the quality of the material. You can also add the products you choose to your cart; You can enjoy Anker chargers.

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