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Anker robot vacuum cleaner models produced with smart technology perform the mapping process together with the path tracking sensor. These devices, which save you time, work contactless. Anker vertical vacuum cleaners, which have become one of the most preferred home appliances in recent years, have high suction power. It provides maximum clean spaces for your home and office. Brooms with silent vacuuming feature can be used on carpets, parquets and all surfaces. Robot vacuum cleaners have a minimal design and a flat surface. In this way, it can easily fit behind cabinets and under bookcases. Rechargeable vertical vacuum cleaner models used in both homes and offices work with a 60W power-supported charging cable.

 Upright Vacuum Cleaners and Their Highlights

Intelligent dynamic navigation 2.Anker vertical vacuum cleaners designed with 0 technology remove cherry and coffee stains from carpets in seconds. Vacuum cleaners with 2000 PA suction power clean nail polish and paints adhering to parquet floors without leaving any traces. All new models have a height detection system. This system prevents brooms from falling down the stairs and getting damaged. Rechargeable vertical vacuum cleaner models that operate silently can be used at any time of the day. One of the most important features of these devices is that they perform sweeping and mopping operations simultaneously. Anker brand vacuum cleaners, which have an ultra-thin and stylish design, can be used with magnetic strips. You can ensure that cleaning and mopping is carried out in a certain area by applying magnetic tape to places where the device does not want to go. Capacity is 0.6 liter rechargeable vertical vacuum cleaner models work faster when moving from parquets to carpets. Robot vacuum cleaners can be used in all rooms, especially the kitchen, living room and hall. The tempered glass cover is unbreakable and meets ideal standards for long-lasting use. The three-layer Hepa filter attracts even invisible dust particles.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Models that Provide Versatile Cleaning

Anker robot vacuum cleaner models, which have self-charging and cleaning features, work with a 3-point cleaning system. It automatically detects and vacuums dirty areas. The Anker smart robot vacuum cleaner, which has a triple brush system, also picks up dust and hair very well. Total weight 2.3 kg. The vacuum cleaners are available in alternative color options such as black, white, brown and blue. Robot vacuum cleaners work with two brushes. A total of four brushes, two of which are spares, are sent to the buyers' addresses. Apart from high suction and rechargeable vertical vacuum cleaner models, G10 Hybrid Wi-fi application supported robot vacuum cleaners can also be used for home and workplace cleaning. Wi-Fi supported devices can optionally be controlled with the remote control and touch button on the device. The maximum battery life of these devices is 150 minutes and the charging time is 4 hours. Vertical vacuum cleaner models are sent to the buyers' address together with cable organizer, magnetic tapes and cleaning apparatus. New models with high traction force also have a mopping feature. Versatile cleaning can be done by turning on the cleaning and then mopping mode. Smart robot vacuum cleaners produced with drop-prof technology can be used on medium and short pile carpets, as well as parquet and laminate floors. It is possible to check how many square meters of forehead has been cleaned via your smartphone. The cleaning time can be controlled and the cleaning history can be viewed through the menu. Area cleaning and manual guidance options are also available in Wi-fi supported Anker robot vacuum cleaner models.

How to Use Anker Robot Vacuum Cleaners?

Robot vacuum cleaners are sent to the buyers' addresses together with their remote control. Both the remote control and the button on the vacuum cleaners can be used to operate the device. Necessary adjustments can be made practically via the remote control. The device can also be controlled via mobile phone. To do this, it is enough to download the Anker robot vacuum cleaner application to your phone. After entering the menu section of the application, automatic cleaning timing can be turned on and the vacuum cleaner can be operated in the desired mode. The Anker smart robot vacuum cleaner automatically returns to the charging slot when its battery is low. When its charge is 80%, it continues cleaning from where it left off. Afterwards, the cleaning history can be viewed and the areas cleaned by the vacuum cleaner can be determined. Users will receive a notification when the large dust bin is full. After removing the box from its container and emptying it, you can continue cleaning where you left off. Eufy robot vacuum cleaner models can be used with both disposable and washable mops. Washable mops are among the robot vacuum cleaner spare parts, you can purchase these extra parts that are sent with the product if you wish. Dual L70 filter sets, plastic strips and magnetic barrier tapes can be ordered together with mats. Main and side brushes can also be obtained from the same category, both individually and as a set. Robot vacuum cleaner prices vary depending on the features of the products. With Anker's assurance, you can choose the robot vacuum cleaner model that best suits you and enjoy versatile cleaning.

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