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Phones and tablets work with power from the battery. These devices become unusable when the power in the battery runs out. The battery must be charged to continue use. For this, a charger suitable for the phone and tablet model is used. These chargers consist of two parts: adapter and cable. In order for the devices to be charged, a cable must be connected between the adapter and the device. The electrical current received from the adapter is transferred to the battery through these cables. This completes the charging process. The cable input of phones or tablets is called charging port or charging port. Since there are a wide variety of phone and tablet models, many different cables are produced.

Anker uses many different technologies in its charging cable products to increase user satisfaction and the products have various safety certificates. In the charging cable category, Anker has different phone cable models. The Micro USB cable is used to charge most phones or tablets. The end of the cable is flat at the bottom and oval at the top. Because of its shape, it needs to be worn in a certain way. Anker offers longer-lasting and safer use with the laser welding technology it uses in Micro USB cables. The USB Type-C cable has a completely oval port. Thanks to this shape, it can be easily attached from both directions. Anker Type-C cable is universally compatible for all devices with type-c port. Anker data cables and Lightning cables, which also enable information transfer to electronic devices such as computers, are also included in the category. Anker has a wide product range of phone or tablet cables suitable for every model and brand.

Long Life Anker Charging Cables

Anker charging cable types vary depending on the phone/tablet brand and model. It is important to buy a cable that fits the charging port and the battery. Some cables are also used to transfer files to devices such as computers. one.0 and 1.12.0, 3.0 and 3.Data cable types have four different data transfer speeds: 1. In general, all latest model phones have a 3rd generation data transfer rate of 10 Gbit/s.1 Anker cables are compatible. Every smartphone has a different charging port. In accordance with these input slots, Anker; It has Micro-USB, Type-C and Lightning cable types. Lightning cable is the type of cable produced by Apple for phones after the iPhone 5 model. This cable is also known as the “iPhone cable”. Micro-USB is one of the types of USB cables that have been used for years. Later, the Type C slot, which allows faster data transfer, began to be used. It can be worn from both directions. Every Anker charging cable; It has different features such as different charging speed, cable material, cable length.

Indispensable for Those Who Live Life Fast: Anker Fast Charging Cable Models

Anker iPhone cables have MFI certification. This document, issued only by Apple, shows that the products are produced in accordance with Apple standards. These products, along with Micro-USB and USB C cable types, are produced by Anker from quality materials. Thanks to its quality outer coating such as TPE, it is resistant to contamination and damage. Most cables provide data transfer speeds of 5 Gbps. The entry part of the cable is made of hard and protective material, while the cable connection part is made of soft and flexible material. In this way, it is 5 times more resistant to bending and twisting than ordinary cables. Thanks to the fast charging cable, devices charge faster. 0.1st from 9 metres.It has different cable lengths that can vary up to 8 meters. Generally, black and white color varieties are available. For those who want something different, cables in different colors such as red are also included in the product range.

Anker Charging Cable Makes Your Life Easier

There are a few points to consider before purchasing a charging cable. The first of these is whether it will be used for data transfer. If data transfer is desired, Anker data/charging cable models can be preferred. The cable entry slot is the most important detail that must be taken into consideration in order to use the product. If a USB cable with a different input is selected, the device cannot be charged. Once the appropriate input is determined, the fast charging feature should be checked. Not every cable provides fast charging feature. If you need to charge your phone very often, Lightning, Micro-USB or Type C fast charging cable can be preferred. Anker, the address of quality and reliable electronics, stands out with its fast charging cable types. These cables have the ability to charge phones or tablets at top speed with unrivaled charging speed. Anker charging cable prices; Data transfer speed varies depending on the material the cable is made of and material quality. By purchasing the products you choose, you can charge your phone, tablet and computer wherever you want with Anker charging cable models.

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