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Anker Innovations, which has been developing customer-oriented products since it was founded in Silicon Valley in 2011, is a leader in many markets such as America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East with its charging technology, headphones, speakers and smartphone accessories. In addition, it develops innovative products for smart life technologies. With its products such as smart scales, robot vacuum cleaners, and mobile projection devices, it attracts great attention both in the world and in Turkey. Although Anker is a young company, its success is due to the fact that it has created a global technology patent portfolio of more than 1478 and has more than 3000 employees, more than half of which are R&D engineers. In addition, the voice of the consumer is at the center of innovation as well as technology. The main purpose; to offer products integrated with innovation to consumers at accessible price ranges. According to global data, for Anker, which has a customer satisfaction rate of 4.8 on Amazon and 55+ million users, the feedback and satisfaction of its customers is very valuable in terms of sustainability. Anker has a team at its head office that works in coordination with R&D teams only on customer feedback. It should be noted that Anker is not a traditional accessory brand, it produces leading technologies.

Anker entered the Turkish market at the beginning of 2018. In line with the company's global strategies, a route focused on e-commerce platforms and retail chains was followed in the first place. Today, it offers its products to its customers in more than 750 stores in Turkey.

To mention the product categories; Anker Innovations responds to the different needs of consumers with a total of 5 category brands. Developing technologies for comfort in home life with the Eufy category brand, Anker will be the next generation of projection systems. Nebula category brand includes indispensable products for digital transformation in both home entertainment and offices. Developing wireless audio technologies that offer a quality sound experience with a competitive price performance under the Soundcore category brand, Anker is the leader in the world, especially with its innovations in charging technologies and smart life accessories.

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