You can have a great time while camping with a powerful speaker like the Anker Soundcore Motion Boom and some fun equipment. In addition to the materials that are important for the camp, you can have an unforgettable experience with a few materials that will make the camping evenings enjoyable. Tents, sleeping bags, folding tables and chairs, rope, compass, mat and similar materials are necessary for camping, but you need more for a fun camping. So what equipment do you need for a better camping experience? Here are the details!

1. Hammock

When camping, you are alone with nature. Spending time in the fresh air heals your whole body and soul. The hammock, on the other hand, offers a wonderful space for you to sleep by gently rocking in the fresh air. You can tie your hammock between two trees close to your tent or the area you are staying, and you can take a nap by lying on the hammock. You can read a book on the hammock or you can spend time with your loved ones by positioning more than one hammock close to each other.

2. Camping Games

You can spend time with your loved ones by the fire in the evenings of the camp, while playing various games after dinner during the daytime. You can play taboo, ludo, Twister and similar games easily in nature. In addition, you can also enjoy games such as spin the bottle and card games with your loved ones during the camp days.

You should definitely take a few balls with you for team games such as volleyball, football, dodgeball that you can easily play with crowded groups. You can buy volleyball and soccer balls rather than plastic balls that can deform quickly. If there is a volleyball or football field in the area where you are camping, you can play these games more comfortably. If there is a basketball hoop, you can also buy basketballs and increase the number of activities to be done.

3. Fishing Rod

How about fishing if you are allowed to fish where you go camping? Delicious meals, salads and drinks accompanying a fresh fish cooked on the campfire allow you to have a delicious meal in the evening of the camp. While fishing, you can have fun with your loved ones and obtain the ingredients for your dinner.

In addition to fishing, if you can enter the water in the area where you are camping, you can also evaluate activities such as canoeing, surfing, and water bike while camping.

4. Folding Chair

The folding chair, which is among the must-haves for the camp activity, which is prepared with great care, stands out with its portable structure. Folding chairs, which you can easily carry in your bag when going camping, are fondly preferred as they take up very little space. This unique camping equipment, which does not force you with its light weight, is a candidate to be your indispensable. Standing out with its solid texture and comfort, the folding camping chair is offered in a design that can accompany you in all terrain conditions. All you have to do is listen to the birds chirping mixed with the sounds of nature while sitting on your chair.

5. Anker Soundcore Motion Boom

Music, which is indispensable for daily life, is also the most valuable supporter of camping activities. While eating around the campfire in the evening, enjoying the nature walk in the morning; You definitely need a loudspeaker to listen to music while playing volleyball, football or basketball or preparing food. Anker Soundcore Motion Boom, which can be connected to phones with a wireless Bluetooth connection in the nature area where it is difficult to find a socket, increases the fun of camping days. Motion Boom, produced with the latest technology by manufacturers who know that it is difficult to spread sound in the open air, offers a perfect music experience even at high volume levels.Produced with pure titanium diagrams, Anker Soundcore Motion Boom is highly compatible with camping activities thanks to its IPX7 water resistant structure. If you want your favorite tracks and podcasts to accompany you during your camping days, you can complete your camping list completely by getting Anker Soundcore Motion Boom.