Electronic gifts are always a good idea, especially for technology enthusiasts. A wide range of technological gifts can be purchased, from portable chargers and robot vacuum cleaners to smart home products and speakers. Since there are many electronic gift ideas that you can buy for your loved ones in the new year, it is useful to review the tips that will be useful to you.

What are the Special Technological Gifts for Men?

3-in-1 wireless charging stands and portable chargers are among the affordable technological gifts for men. 3-in-1 wireless charging mats allow users to charge their iPhone, Apple Watch and wireless headphones simultaneously. The charging mats are available in a variety of colors and have a vegan leather cover. It comes with a USB-C cable and an AC adapter. Thanks to Anker's portable USB-C charger, it is possible to avoid dealing with a dead phone battery. This compact device can fit into almost any backpack or purse. The best gift for someone who constantly drops their iPhone is the PopSocket, developed in collaboration with Anker. It has an integrated battery that extends screen time between charges. Also can order in black or white. Wireless headphones; It is one of the corporate technological gifts that employers can give to their employees in the New Year. However, it has a great design and comfortable use. Apart from these, Anker's water-resistant Bluetooth speaker models are also available. These models are aesthetic and durable, as well as producing good and high sound. It also has the ability to work with any smartphone, tablet or computer. These speaker types can also be considered as technological gifts for lovers.

What are the Technological Gifts for Women?

If you have a female friend or close relative who is sensitive about cleaning, the best electronic home gift you can buy for her is a robot vacuum cleaner. The best models of robot vacuum cleaners have laser navigation technology that scans the entire house. Technologically advanced robot vacuum cleaners combine sweeping and mopping and allow you to plan your household chores. Additionally, lithium batteries can last up to 120 minutes. In addition, since robot vacuum cleaners have a minimal design, they can easily enter and clean behind cabinets and under items. State-of-the-art robot vacuum cleaners do both sweeping and mopping at the same time. In addition, the Anker eufy Clean LR30 Hybrid Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Automatic Emptying Station allows untouched cleaning for 60 days. This model has the feature of automatically detecting your homes up to 3 different floors. As an alternative to robot vacuum cleaners, Anker vertical vacuum cleaner models are also available. These models are intelligent dynamic navigation 2.It has 0 technology. It cleans stubborn stains on carpets in a short time. Thanks to its silent operation feature, it can be used easily at any time of the day. Of course, you don't have to choose the latest technology vacuum cleaner for your spouse or lover. You can choose a Soundcore series bluetooth headset or bluetooth speaker and abandon yourself to the rhythm of the music.

The Electronic Gifts You Are Looking For Are at Anker!

Anker's smart portable projectors allow you to enjoy your favorite TV series and movies. Since these devices are portable, they can be used easily anywhere in the house. You can use it in your living room in winter; In the summer, you can enjoy the cinema in a caravan or in the garden of your summer house. Anker's smart home products, such as smart door and window sensors, thermal security cameras with night vision, motion systems and wireless camera systems, help protect you. For connection, these home appliances use internet and bluetooth. You can help your loved ones create a smart home system by choosing the most suitable Anker smart home products. You can find different electronic gifts for your father, husband, brother, best friend and all your loved ones in Anker's carefully selected collection. You can browse Anker for new technological gifts for your spouse, lover, friends and children and make your gift selection right away.