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Headphones allow the sound from an audio transmitter to be transmitted to the ear through two small speakers. They are specially designed tools for small speakers to stay close to the ear. While listening to anything, there may be various sounds in the environment. These sounds can be the sounds of people, animals, nature sounds or the noises of the city and daily life. Headphones increase concentration on the sound heard during any listening activity and create a listening environment isolated from external sounds. At the same time, the voice one listens to is not heard by other people, and people are not compelled to listen to anything other than their own choice. Headphones create a comfortable environment for both the listener and the people around them. When you are with other people, the volume is adjusted by the wishes and habits of the other people in the environment. Allows individual adjustment of the volume during the listening activity. Headphones, which have become one of the indispensables of life, are very different from the way they were first invented today. Sound quality and ergonomic comfort are at the highest level in models produced with superior technology. In constantly developing modern designs, the products contain many important features. Anker Soundcore Life Q30, Anker Soundcore Life Q30 Liberty 2 Pro, Anker Soundcore Life Q35, Anker Soundcore Life NoteTWS models are models that expand the usage area and make life easier thanks to their advanced technologies. These models have features such as blocking all disturbing sounds thanks to hybrid active noise canceling, providing a clearer hearing, customizing sound with 22 equalizer settings, and supporting LDAC technology. It also has many advanced features such as one-touch mute, device pairing in seconds.

Freedom of Movement with Wireless Headphones

How the headphones are fixed on the head, how they stand, the position of the speaker parts in the ear, the way the sound is transmitted, how it transmits the sound, etc. It is possible to classify by looking at the features. The most basic distinction is made by the way sound is transmitted. Models in which the sound from the sound transmitter is transferred with the help of cables have been used for many years. However, wireless models are now in demand and there are many reasons for this. Wired models have a very short service life. They are also restrictive in terms of freedom of use. The distance from the sound transmitter is at most the cable length. For this reason, they are models that always require being close to the transmitter. Wireless models are called wireless or bluetooth headphones. The most important feature is, of course, that they provide freedom of movement. They eliminate the need to always be close to the sound transmitter. The active range of Bluetooth supported devices is at least 10 meters. This distance may vary from model to model. While the high usage distance is a prominent feature, the most important thing is efficiency. The distance should not affect the connection with the audio transmitter and should not degrade the sound quality. Wireless headphones can be used indoors and outdoors. They allow listening activity while doing sports, traveling, busy with a job. They can be connected to any type of audio transmitter with Bluetooth capability. They can connect with television, game consoles, mobile phones, computers. One of the most important and practical features is that they also act as microphones. It is possible to answer the call from the mobile phone. They allow comfortable communication in noisy external conditions. In a meeting over the Internet, both listening and speaking can be done in high quality with a wireless headset.Since there are no cables, there is no need to remove the headset, for example, when leaving the computer. They eliminate the need to be in the same room with the device indoors. The obligation to carry portable devices by hand is eliminated thanks to wireless technology, devices can be placed in a bag or pocket. They offer the opportunity to perform listening activities with maximum efficiency in sports activities.

Whether On-Ear or In-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Headphones are also divided into types according to the way they are placed on the head. Over-ear, in-ear and neck-mounted models are the most common types. Over-the-ear models are also known as headphones. In these models, the speakers consist of two speakers that sit on top of the ear and an interconnect that connects these speakers over the head. Speakers are designed in such a way that they do not put pressure on the ear and cause pain, and are generally supported by a soft material. In high-quality models, the speaker parts are ergonomic. High-quality products that do not emit sound fit the ear very well. The control buttons are on the speaker. The microphone is integrated into the speaker. High-tech designs feature precision noise canceling solutions such as travel, outdoor, and indoor modes. In this way, listening can be done in complete isolation from the outside. There is no need to remove the earphones when it is necessary to talk to someone or to go to the environment for a short time, to hear the environment. The sound can be stopped and switched to ambient sound with the push of a button. Pairing the wireless headset with the device is an extremely simple process. The bluetooth feature of the audio transmitter and audio receiver device is turned on, allowing them to find each other easily. Headphones usually pair with a single device. Modern designs, on the other hand, can pair with 2 different devices and quickly switch between them. Those who want to have this superior technological feature can choose from the Anker Soundcore Life series bluetooth wireless headphone models. Many models in this series also have NFC pairing feature. In-ear earphone models are too small to be noticed. They are light and comfortable. They consist of two small speakers without any connection above the head. As they are designed in accordance with the ear structure, they are placed inside the ear and as they are fully compatible with the ear, they stay there without falling out. Their use is extremely simple.

What Should Be Considered While Buying Headphones?

A variety of listenings from different platforms, such as not only music, but also radio, online trainings, audio books, videos that include watching, TV series, movies, can be done with headphones. The increase in the number of content to be listened to has led to an increase in the use of headphones. That's why the quality of the headset has become more important. Care should be taken to ensure that they are designed not to damage the inner and outer structure of the ear. Non-ergonomic designs can cause various pains on the ear and even upper tissue damage. Internally, it can cause hearing-related health problems. The materials used must be anti-allergic and tested for their suitability for health. Sound quality is one of the important criteria. Those looking for high-definition sound and excellent clarity should choose devices made with cutting-edge technology. It is recommended that people with high standards for sound pay attention to the technical specifications. These features include impedance, frequency response, range of use, etc. are features. Anker Soundcore Life series bluetooth earphones have the qualities to meet high expectations. The charging and operating time of the devices also affects the choice of wireless headphones.How long the headset is used on a single charge also shows the battery quality. The most preferred color in the product range is black. In addition, there are models produced in pink and white colors. Many models do not have a carrying case. However, the carrying case is an important accessory. Not only in long trips, but also in daily life, the carrying case prevents the headphones from being damaged and protects them from external influences. The charging cable is standard in the package. However, the travel case is available as an option for spare heads on in-ear models. The user manuals of the devices must be read carefully and the instructions must be followed. If you want to get rid of cables and enjoy listening freely everywhere, you can check out the wireless earphone models produced with high technology and aim to increase the comfort of listening activity with brand new features on our pages and place your order safely.

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