Portable charger technologies that combine communication with comfort allow you to enjoy the freedom of movement regardless of time and place. Adding comfort to your life with its functional features, the magnetic powerbank easily charges your phone in a short time with its powerful magnet. At this point, Anker magnetic powerbank, compatible with iPhone with wireless charging feature, increases the comfort of uninterrupted communication with its slim design that can fit in your palm. Now is the time to meet the wonderful features of Anker 622 MagGo Magnetic Powerbank, preferred by users with its ergonomic slim and compact design!
Anker 622 MagGo Magnetic Powerbank in Anker magnetic powerbank collection is compatible with iPhone 14/13/12 models. Standing out with its wireless feature, the magnetic charger supports users to move freely. You can also make calls while charging with the portable charger while traveling or away from home. With its strong magnetic grip and fast charging feature, it increases the comfort of communication in daily life. You can also evaluate Anker's portable charger models, which increase the coefficient of pleasant communication with the functional features it offers to users.

Portable Charger Features That Bring Your Life Together With Comfort

The portable wireless charger stands out with its advanced technology features and slim design. The magnetic portable charger, designed wirelessly, provides users with up to 17 hours of additional use time. It offers the freedom to use your iPhone 14/13/12 device while charging with its wireless charging stand that offers strong magnetic connection. With its slim, stylish and compact design, iPhone compatible charging is very useful. With its thin form, it can fit in the palm of the hand.It is possible to make calls with one hand with the 8 mm thick magnetic powerbank. You can also take selfies while charging to capture the most beautiful sunset view at special moments when you want to live the moment.
With its functional design features, the product can also be used in a versatile manner in accordance with the usage needs. Anker's charger supports functional use by opening the support leg, as well as a wireless charging stand. It offers comfortable viewing in an upright position while charging the iPhone. With the portable charger, your time is saved for you and your loved ones while you are charging or making calls on the phone at the same time.

Enjoy Uninterrupted Communication with the Portable Charger Offering Fast Charging

The 622 MagGo Magnetic Powerbank in Anker's wireless charger collection offers an efficient charging environment with its powerful magnet. The product makes your device ready for use in a short time with the iPhone 14/13/12 magnetic alignment. The product with Anker's minicell technology, while maintaining its powerful charging feature, brings together a comfortable use with its shrinking battery sizes. Anker 622 MagGo Magnetic Powerbank, which you can use by hand or on a stand, offers up to 17 hours of additional use with its powerful battery. Anker's charger can be quickly charged with USB-C input and output ports. It is also possible to transfer power to USB-C devices using the wireless charging stand with USB ports.

Anker Magnetic Charger Offering Comfort with Safe Use

Anker powerbank, which combines functional features, strong magnetic grip and battery capacity with advanced wireless technology, is offered to users with advanced security measures. With Anker's proprietary MultiProtect technology, you will have peace of mind while charging. Special technology prevents overheating when charging your phone using a magnetic charger. The charger, which provides temperature control for a safe use, increases your comfort of use with its advanced safety features. You can quickly charge your phone wherever you want with the Anker iPhone compatible charger equipped with advanced wireless technology with a lightweight slim design. You can include the Anker 622 MagGo Magnetic Powerbank magnetic charger in your life to feel comfortable with a charger with practical, functional and safe usage features. You can get more detailed information about the products by visiting Anker.