The phone ring, which is designed to prevent smartphones from slipping and falling and to stay stable while watching movies or TV series, makes life easier. Thanks to the phone holder, the products that can be attached to the finger allow mobile phones to be used with pleasure without falling to the ground. Types of phone rings, which can be attached to tablets as well as mobile phones, offer a safer and more comfortable use while watching videos and surfing the Internet. Models that do not lose their adhesive feature also allow users to attach and remove the ring as much as they want. The 360 ​​degree rotating ring can be used on all fingers with its wide design.

Types of Phone Rings Attracting Attention With Their Stylish Design

Phone ring models are compatible with all mobile phones and tablet computers. The options that can be used immediately with the plug-and-play feature allow efficient use thanks to the ability to be fixed to the phone and rotate to any angle. The ring, which does not lose its adhesive feature in reuse, is a small innovation, but it is quite large in terms of function. Anker 610 MagGo phone ring, one of the ring ring models, displays a nice appearance with its stylish blue design. The product, also called magnetic phone holder (MagSafe), has the principle of working in both directions. The handle of the ring can be used as desired to watch videos or chat. Those who want to put the phone and tablet on the table can keep the phone holder support setting above the surface. The model, which has a strong magnetic grip, is also compatible with iPhone 12 and 13 models. The super-strength magnetic field can carry up to 800g, equivalent to the weight of 4 iPhone phones. After being placed on the table, the phone ring can be rotated 360° and rotated up to 125° for different viewing position and comfortable grip. Saying goodbye to adhesive tape and residues, the models offer advantages with their easy attachment and removal options.

Pay Attention To These While Buying Phone Rings!

The widespread use of mobile phones also leads to the design of countless products. Types of phone rings benefit many people in daily life with options that make their work easier and greatly prevent them from falling. Products designed with ultra-light features make you forget that there is a ring attached to the phone during use. It is necessary to pay attention to some points when purchasing options that provide a stable use in the form of a phone stand. Some product types are offered for sale in designs specific to the phone brand and model. For this reason, phone holders specially produced for the mobile phone brand will provide a functional advantage. Among the phone ring models, it is also important to pay attention to the strong magnetic grip. Types that protect mobile phones against accidental dropping may cause scratches or breakage in many parts of the phone if it does not have a high grip feature. Another thing to consider when using the product is to choose the right case suitable for the ring on the phones. Metal or magnetic attachments may cause the phone holder to have a weak attraction. The size of the rings can also be in sizes that users can use comfortably. Holders with minimal or larger dimensions may lose their function and may not display an aesthetically elegant appearance. In order to view the images more comfortably from the phone and tablet, options with 360° rotation feature can be evaluated.

Make Big Impact with Small Design of Phone Rings

The phone ring, which is extremely ingenious, offers easy grip with its round form. Phone ring products, which have achieved outstanding success in their design, gain an aesthetic appearance that integrates with the color of the phone with the color options they have. The models that allow mobile phones to stand out in the home, office, cafe, restaurant and many other areas also provide convenience when taking selfies. Each of the phone holders has several functional features. While the rotation angle and mobility of some product models are high, some of them are designed with a limited rotation angle. The phone holders, which allow you to be active in social media, digital platforms and other applications, do not weigh while carrying and provide comfort at any time. The models in the Anker phone ring collection allow you to have a phone experience anytime, anywhere. By visiting Anker, you can browse the rings suitable for your phone and enjoy the video wherever you want.